While an analysis is running in SENSE, you can easily follow the progress in the “Progress” screen

Here you can see how the simulation is split in the “Setup” of the simulation, the “Run Tasks” and the “Finish” jobs. “Setup” and “Finish” usually last just a few seconds or minutes, however, the “Run Tasks” are computationally heavier and require more time, since it is there that the simulations are performed.

In the “Tasks” section, you can see the different tasks during the project. You will see the No Pointer and Pointer tasks. Those tasks will run in series, using the Resources you selected when setting up the Analysis.

If you expand one of those Tasks, you are able to see that they are split into “Setup”, “Preprocessing”, “Simulation”, “Postprocessing” and “Finish” jobs.

“Setup” and “Preprocessing” are the jobs responsible for building the 3D model of the sensor.

“Simulation” is the job that calculates the results you requested in the Analysis settings.

“Postprocessing” and “Finish” are the jobs responsible for patching up the simulation results and visualizing them.

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