SENSE allocates resources out of a defined pool of Cores and gigabytes of RAM.

This means that once the pool is depleted and all resources are occupied, an analysis will be shown in a "Submitted" status, until resources become available again.

For example, if you have a pool of 96 Cores and decide to use 40 Cores for an analysis, then 56 Cores will remain in the pool. Now, if you try a new Analysis and request more than 56 Cores, this Analysis will be placed in a "Submitted" status until the requested Cores become available. Finally, if during this time you request a third Analysis with less than 56 Cores, this Analysis will start normally in priority over the second analysis, since the requested resources are available.

You can also submit multiple analyses in the queue. The Analysis that will be selected next depends both on submission order and required resources. The first submitted analysis is checked first, if there are enough resources, it begins, else the second is checked and so on.

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