In the (System) Analysis screen, you are given the Optional choice to Setup a Conducted Noise analysis. A noise source is injected between the earth and the system ground influencing the performance of the touch sensor on specific frequencies (Read more here.)

Here you are given the option to define the noise source in order to investigate different phenomena that are expected to influence your touch sensor or to replicate the IEC-61000-4-6 standard regarding conducted noise.

Replicating the standard will result in multiple SPICE simulations covering 3 different voltage levels (1,3 and 10 Vrms) and a large range of frequencies (Start: 150 kHz / Step: 1 %, End: 80 MHz)

Once the Conducted Noise Simulation is performed, you will view the noise frequencies that influence the Count measurements of your controller.

If you want to read more about noise analysis on a real case, you may have a look at this extensive use case.

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