In case you want to import your .dxf design, there are two options to do this:

  • import each group of Elements separately one-by-one (through the same or different dxf files)


  • import just one dxf file that includes all Elements with one prerequisite; different group of Elements should be placed in different layers of the .dxf file.

PRO TIP:  In any case the Outline Element should be separately imported (although it may exist in the same .dxf file of course in a separate layer) or added through Outline templates.

The steps you have to follow to import any Element(s) through a .dxf file:

  • At first you must select from your desktop the .dxf file that will be uploaded:

  • Next step is to assign each layer of the dxf file to a different component type, select the right units, and also connect the bridges layers (if any) with the proper electrode layers.

  • Different Component types during the import process:

Screen Element:

When you import a .dxf file of a Screen Element, you can assign the different layers in your .dxf to the different components: Electrodes, Infills (optional), Bridges and Insulators (both just in case of Co-planar patterns), Vias (optional), Traces (optional), Shielding Layers (optional).

Button/Slider/Wheel Element

When you import a .dxf file of a Button/Slider/Wheel Element you can assign the different layers in your .dxf to the different components: Electrodes, Infills (optional), Vias (optional), Traces (optional), Shielding Layers (optional).

  • Last step is to check the design that is going to be imported:

Once your design is imported in the Canvas, through the tab on the right side you can:

  • View the name of the imported .dxf file.

  • Rotate the Element, which in this case is actually the group of all the Elements as imported through the .dxf file.

  • Move the design by changing its coordinates.

  • View the entities included in the imported design through the tree-view at the bottom part ("Layout Entities"). It is important that in such a case where the whole design (except from the Outline) is imported at once, it appears as one entity although it may consist of many different Element types.

In any case you must pay special attention on How to prepare an importable dxf file.

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