In case you have a .dxf file that includes just one unit cell of a Pattern (Screen Element), you can import it and then replicate it in order to create the whole touchscreen design, like this:

  • Import a Screen Element --> Import unit cell of Pattern

Once you select from your desktop the .dxf file to be uploaded, then you must assign each layer of the .dxf to the Component types:

You must be careful to select the correct units for you design (usually mm or um).

Component types depend on the pattern type:

  • Double Layer Patterns: Electrodes, Infills (optional). As an example you can have in mind the Diamond Double Layer pattern from our Screen Element templates.

  • Co-Planar Patterns with bridges: Electrodes, Infills (optional), Bridges or Vias, and maybe Insulators (optional). Diamond Co-Planar pattern is a good example for those. For the layers with Bridges you must also select the Electrode layer where the bridges connect to:

Once you click "Next" you have a final view of the unit cell that will be imported before you import it in the Canvas:

Once it is imported, you can view it and place it properly in the Canvas. Snap option will be helpful in this. 

In order to build the whole touchscreen design, you need to replicate this unit cell in both X and Y directions:

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