Touch buttons, sliders and wheels are usually used in touch applications that are based on PCBs or flexible films, that look like this:

In order to design your Layout, you can combine any of the button/slider/wheel templates that are included in SENSE libraries.

Button templates are described in what follows.

Circular Button: This is the most common shape of a touch button.

Radius: 0.1-100 mm.

In case you want to add a hole, inner radius (0.1-100 mm) is also needed:

  • Rectangular Button: Width (0.1-100 mm) and height (0.1-100 mm) are needed.

You can also add a hole inside (inner radius is needed, 0.1-100 mm) and/or rounded corners (edge radius is needed, 0.1-100 mm):

  • Rectangular Interlocking Button: Number of stubs [1-50]mm, length [0.1-100]mm, height [0.1-100]mm, gap [0.001-100]mm, stub height [0.001-100]mm, stub width [0.001-100]mm.

  • Hatched Rectangular Button:

width [0.1-100]mm

height [0.1-100]mm

line width [0.001-1]mm

line spacing [0.001-1]mm

line angle [10-90]deg

border [0.001-1]mm

  • Hatched Circular Button:

outer radius [1-100]mm

line width [0.001-1]mm

line spacing [0.001-1]mm

border [0.001-1]mm

hole radius [0.1-100]mm

In SENSE template libraries you can also find:

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