In case that you have already prepared your design in another S/W, you can import it directly in the Layout:

All Elements can be imported separately, but you can also import multiple different elements at once by selecting to:

  • Import a Screen Element -> Import Pattern if your design is a touchscreen


  • Import a Button, Slider or Wheel Element, if it is for a touch design containing touch buttons, sliders or wheels.

In both the above cases, you can import a .dxf or a Gerber file:

Such a design file may contain many more Element types than the electrodes of a Screen or Button/Slider/Wheel, such as the:

  • Traces

  • Vias

  • Shielding Entities

In any case the Outline must be separately imported.

In case you have a .dxf file that includes just one unit cell of a Pattern (Screen Element), you can import it and then replicate it in order to create the whole touchscreen design; here you can read more info about.

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