In the canvas you can design and visualize your Layout.
The toolbar on top can help you to add and modify your elements:

There are two ways to set up the elements of your Layout:

Once you have added your elements in the Layout, you can change their position through either "Move" button or by changing their coordinates:

In case you want to remove an element, you can do it through the "Delete" button on the toolbar. If you want to massively delete all the elements of the canvas, you can do it through "Reset Layout" button.

On the toolbar, you may also find two export options:

  • Export to .dxf file

  • Export to SENSE Desktop. This converts your design to .scpj file format that can be imported into SENSE Desktop.

There is a tree of entities on the right, where you can hide or view any entity or group of entities:

You can also rename any entity of the tree with Alt+left click. This will help to you place the conductive elements in the proper layer of the StackUp.

At the bottom of the canvas, there are two check boxes to hide/show the grid in the canvas, as well as to enable snap functionality, which is useful for the proper placement of your elements in the canvas. Here you can also see the coordinates of your mouse cursor and you may also select the units of the canvas (mm is the default option):

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