When all options are set and done, you can now select to compute the raw count values that would be printed by the selected controller, if it was connected with the selected sensor or the acquisition time of the setup. This analysis is a Spice analysis.

From the “Analysis” tab you choose Controller Counts Analysis and the Optional choice of the Conducted Noise Analysis.

and you are prompted in a new screen with more options.

In this new screen, you are asked to choose with which ones of your System configuration settings you want to extract the counts of the controller. Furthermore, you are also asked to activate the different Pin banks of the controller, as they are described in STm32 datasheet. Not activating one of the four banks will not compute the counts of any Pin connected in one of those banks.

PRO TIP: Activating a Bank that is not connected to any sensor will result in the SPICE simulation crashing

Once this screen is set up, you are now prompted to choose the Resources

The Spice simulation is complete and the raw counts for each Pin that was active are printed.

Furthermore, you can view the Acquisition Time and the Delta counts versus the no pointer counts.

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