In the System Configuration module, you are tasked to choose the Controller and Sensor that are about to be connected together, their Connectivity Interface and the option to add a Human Body Model as a Pointer.

The Controller and Sensor selection is self explanatory. You only need to select a configured controller's netlist and a sensor who's netlist has been extracted in a previous step.

The Connectivity Interface selection defines the way those two netlists will be interfaced with one another.

The Physical connectivity of the Controller netlist with the Sensor netlist is done by choosing the controller GPIO pins and assigning them to the Source and Sink Terminals of the Sensor.

An example of an interfacing is shown above. We can see the Controller Pins names on the left column, the Connection in the middle column and the Connection Options on the right column. We need to decide which Pins will be connected to the Sensor sources or sink and define how the connection will be done.In this example, we choose G1_I02 to be connected to the touch sensor and G1_I03 to be left floating (red arrows). VDD and G1_I01 are controller predefined values and are connected to the Voltage source and the sampling Capacitor respectively, which we define at 47nF (yellow arrow).
We, also, choose the voltage level of the source at 3.3V or 1.8V and the voltage threshold at ½ or ⅔ of that value (blue arrow). The voltage threshold is the voltage that the sampling Capacitor should reach for the acquisition to stop.

Finally, we decide that Pin G1_I02 will be connected to Source1 Pin, which is a defined source from the Analysis in the "Physical" tab. The interfacing will be done with resistance at 10kΩ, for ESD protection (black arrows).

Any Sensor source that is not connected to a controller driven Pin or is left floating can be connected to the VSS Pin (Ground) together with the Sink ports.

PRO TIP: G2_IO2 is the active shield pin and is active during all bank cycles

The Pointer selection allows you to choose a Human Body Model to describe the pointer user.
This is the second description of the pointer in Sense. The first one was In the "Physical" tab, where we created a Pointer and simulate its influence on the performance of a sensor, in terms of change of capacitance. However, when the netlist is extracted, the actual electrical model of the pointer is not printed, only its influence on the sensor.
This electrical model can be added in this selection, to approximate reality even more. The Human Body Model (HBM) consists of the resistance of the human body and its self capacitance and is connected to infinite earth.
Common values are 100 pF for the self capacitance and 1500 Ohm for the resistance

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