Choose a Controller

In the Controller module you can view the library of different controllers available, define their configuration Parameters and view the functionality of their Pins.

Several MCUs of STM32 families are now supported by SENSE's library.

  • Parameters: The controllers have some fixed values and some that can be configured. The configuration parameters of the controller in SENSE's library are:

  1. Voltage (Vdd) - Defines the input voltage level of the MCU.

  2. Hardware clock frequency (hckl) - Defines the frequency of the hardware clock.

  3. Hardware clock frequency divider (div) - Defines the divider of the hardware clock frequency.

  4. Charge transfer high pulse length (ctph)  - Defines the duration of the high state of the charge transfer pulse.

  5. Charge transfer low pulse length (ctpl) - Defines the duration of the low state of the charge transfer pulse.

Basic tuning purpose:

  • Ensure a complete charge and transfer sequence

  • Choose an ideal pulse duration.

  • If the charge and transfer is not complete: Increase duration of the pulses from controller’s parameters: cth, ctl and/or div

Basic tuning values:

  • Pins: The Pins have a predefined functionality and purpose, as they are set by the manufacturer of the MCU. In order for you to be able to properly configure the controller, you need understanding of how those Pins interact with the sensor. For example:

In the name G1_IO1, G1_IO2 etc, the number G1 represents the group of the Pin. Each group is assigned to the same sampling capacitor (IO1), however, they don't work at the same time. Only the pins that belong to the same Bank are activated simultaneously; this is described in detail in System Configuration..

Once you have set up the controller, than you can move on to the Sensor.

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