In SENSE the stackup of materials is represented as a multilayer box, where each box represents a dielectric or conductive layer of the touch sensor.

Here you can add or delete, move up or down and assign the Type (Dielectric or Conductive).

Each of the Dielectric and Conductive layers has specific material properties.

The Conductive Materials are defined by their Sheet resistance (Ohms/Sq), whereas the Dielectric Materials are defined by their Dielectric Constant. SENSE comes together with a library of materials that can be used for your simulations. In case the material you are using is not in the library, you can simply add it.

The dielectric layers can also have an adjustable thickness, by simply inputting the correct value in the Thickness boxes (in mm). As expected, each dielectric layer can only have one dielectric constant.

On the other hand, each conductive layer can have more than one conductive element. Those elements are defined by their different Sheet Resistance, which is crucial for the extraction of the Equivalent Circuit. 

In order to add those Elements, simply click in the add Group cross button, assign the Material to the group and define which of the conductive layers belong to this group. 

If needed, you can create a new group, with a different Sheet Resistance to host the remaining conductive elements of the conductive layer

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