Usually Gerber files are used for the design of capacitive touch sensors based on PCBs and more often than not represent a touch button/slider/wheel design.

In Sense you can import your Gerber design using the following steps:

  1. Select the “Gerber” option for the correct file type:

2. Then, Sense will prompt you to upload your Gerber files. Simply click on “Upload Files” and browse to the correct folder in your desktop where the Gerber design is stored.

3. Usually a sensor designed in Gerber file format contains a lot of files. Select all of them.

4. The files that are unitless usually contain entities that are not needed to simulate the model, so in this case they should not be selected to be imported. The rest of the  layers are needed and, once the correct units are defined, they should be included.

PRO TIP: Importing a Gerber file requires 8-cores. Make sure you have available resources before you import a new Gerber file

5. This is how an imported Gerber sensor layout looks like in Sense. In the middle we have the visual representation of the layers that we imported and on the right an active treeview. 

6. In that treeview you can hide or view the different layers and by clicking the expand button you have access to the individual information of the drawing. What you need to do here is to either use the “Assign” buttons from the toolbar of the canvas or the Treeview to “move” the necessary information to the bottom Treeview - this will be the design that will be eventually loaded and simulated in Sense . You do that by either clicking on the canvas or on the component of the Treeview and then on the correct Assignment.

It is crucial to only Assign the information that is necessary for the simulation. Letters, descriptions, distances etc. should not be assigned as they are not actual sensor components and are only there for our information. 

7. Once all are said and done, a design to be imported in Layout should look like this:

Source: Texas Instruments evaluation kit

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